Many chefs boast that anyone can cook by their books. We all know that it’s rarely like that. Not because people are not good, but because they are too good. I have more years of painting than cooking so if I can make these recipes, it means you can too! Moreover, because I am hypochondriac, all my recipes are healthy. I bet you will laugh when you read the recipes. I am not the type „serious and home early”. I think the main ingredient in the kitchen is called fantasy.

I have read many cookbooks. It’s not like in the police or romance novels. Nobody dies or marries her in the last chapter. To be honest, the only thing that has always disappointed me was that they weren’t alive. That food was not for people?
The chapter headings were technical, as the restaurant menu: Soups, Chicken etc. My chapters are: Recipes to impress the mother-in-law, Recipes for bachelors, Liquidities, Recipes for a romantic dinner.
It matters what you cook, but mostly matters for whom. My madness of painting graduate was that the Green taste to be a book printed at a same level of quality as an art album. Printing in polychrome is very expensive and I wouldn’t have succeeded without Green Sugar. The natural sweetener that I usage in many of my recipes, has become my partner. Order the book with its products and the transport is free anywhere in the country!