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It sweetens your favorite cakes, regardless of the baking temperature, without changing their taste.


It highlights the flavor of your tea, adding a discreet sweetness to it.


Maintain your figure by eating your favorite cakes without the added calories.

100% natural

The Stevia Rebaudiana extract, obtained with hot water, and the erythritol, obtained from corn that hasn’t been genetically modified, by natural fermentation processes, are granulated mechanically only, without added chemical substances.

0 calories, 0-glycaemic index

The Scientific Committee on Food of the EU confirms the 0 calories value and 0-glycaemic index, 0 erythritol – it is a natural product, with a sweet taste and high gastric tolerance in comparison with other polyols.

Stabilized taste

Green Sugar – the first sweetener from Stevia Rebaudiana, sweet as sugar, but without the bitter taste so characteristic to the Stevia products. It does not alter the taste of the foods it sweetens.

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