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An incontestable superstar in the kitchen of those who wish to lose weight, who maintain a healthy life style and attach maximum care to nourishment and those who suffer from diabetes, Green Sugar became the top preference in natural sweeteners in Romania! This is because, first of all, it is the only product extracted from the stevia rebaudiana, with sweet taste, similar to sugar, but which does not change the taste of the aliments and drinks. Moreover, having 0 calories and an 0 glycaemic index, Green Sugar becomes an incontestable enemy of the calories and renders the preferred sweets,  homemade, more accessible than ever and a starting point, regardless of the quantity.

There are however many more benefits and advantages in consuming Green Sugar, that are not yet known to consumers:

  1. Green Sugar is not just a simple sweetener, that can replace the sugar from the kitchen, but a 100% natural product, which contains various nutrients from the Stevia extract, like: vitamins A and C, trace elements (calcium, zinc, magnesium, chromium, phosphorus), dietary fibres, steviol glycoside (that determines the sweet taste of the Stevia extract);
  2. Green Sugar is a raw-vegan product, which can be consumed without adaptation problem related to this type of nourishment;
  3. Green Sugar which comes in the form of powder, packet in jar, 1 kg bag and sticks, is a 100 % natural and has no chemical substances added. The process through which this product is obtained is exclusively mechanic and comprises of calibrating and mixing precise proportions of erythritol and stevia extract, so that the bitter taste of the stevia is eliminated;
  4. The Green Sugar team has been working for over 2 years to create a taste profile very close to that of the sugar. This means using some high purity extracts from Stevia Rebaudiana as well as an exceptional quality erythritol, which ensure in time the constant properties of Green Sugar. The proportions used in this composition were tested in time in laboratories from Romania and Germany, the product being premiered in 2013 and 2014 at the Berlin Stevia Congress;
  5. Green Sugar can be used also by the persons with diabetes or high glycaemia, without any restriction regarding the quantity;
  6. The consumption of Green Sugar is recommended also during pregnancy and the period immediately after childbirth, in order to avoid the sugar excess and diminish the cravings for sweet;
  7. Green Sugar can be introduced in the nourishment of children over 1-2 years, in the homemade sweet desserts, drinks and cakes. According to Global Institute and EFSA-EU, FDA-USA regulation bodies the product proved to be safe for children after evaluating more than 200 scientific studies;
  8. Green Sugar can be safely consumed because it does not cause addictiveness;
  9. The Green Sugar sweetener – in powder or liquid form- can be used at high and low temperatures. According to Global Stevia Institute, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Stevia as well as the erythritol are stable during baking (temperatures between180-200 °C) but also during freezing;
  10. Green Sugar maintains the equilibrium of the glucose in blood, stimulates the secretion of insulin, regulates the gastrointestinal mechanism and stimulates the brain activity. Green Sugar decreases the craving for sweet and the appetite, the need for smoking, does not produce cavities and especially, does not pose the carcinogenic risk of the common synthetic sweeteners;
  11. Erythritol, one of the two ingredients of Green Sugar, is a non-caloric sugar obtained through biological fermentation. This combination confers the sweet level similar to sugar but most importantly ensures the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients needed per day. There are clinical studies that show that the Stevia extract and erythritol, are strong antioxidant nutritious agents ;
  12. Within a market on which most aliments are genetically modified or contain preservatives that are dangerous for the organism, we must mention that Green Sugar does not contain raw components that are genetically modified.

Try it with confidence!