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Between 11-12 of June, Green Sugar was present in Berlin, at the seventh edition of Stevia International Conference: SteviaTasteful 2015.
The most recent discoveries regarding the benefits on health of the Stevia consumption were presented during the event; the innovations brought by the adaptation of the Stevia, as a natural sweetener in a healthy nourishment domain; the anticancer potential of this plant; the strengthening connections between the consumption of Stevia Rebaudiana and health etc.

The sole producer of Green Sugar, Remedia Laboratories, will be represented at the conference by Dr. Romulus Ioan Scorei, professor at Craiova University, researcher and founder of the Bioboron Research Institute.

We remind you that Green Sugar was awarded in the previous edition of the Berlin Stevia Congress and was recognised as the best natural sweetener across Europe, with 0 calories, a 0 glycaemic index and equilibrated taste.