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GREEN SUGAR, the brand of Laboratoarele Remedia is registered in the European Union as a 100% natural product, made from two ingredients: Stevia Rebaudiana and erythritol (made from corn). Unlike other sweeteners on the market, Green Sugar is the only natural sweet with stabilized taste, which does not change the taste of the food or drinks that it sweetens and it can be used including for cakes that require thermal preparation.

The beneficial effects of Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana) are real and have been scientifically proven in various studies, but these effects manifest themselves when larger quantities of the extract of Stevia are administered.

The only Romanian researcher who discovered the benefits of the calcium fructoborate in treating cancer, Dr. Ioan Romulus Scorei, professor at the University of Craiova, researcher and founder of the Bioboron Research Institute (Podari, Dolj County) showed at Berlin, in the “6th World Convention on Stevia”- 19th – 20th of June 2014 – a presentation on Green Sugar, the natural sweetener from Stevia Rebaudiana extract, the brand of Laboratoarele Remedia.


IMG_4719As he says, Stevia Rebaudiana has already become a famous plant in the world of science. Big companies consider it not only as a sugar substitute, but also even as a new form of healthy sugar with strong antioxidant properties. Today it is considered a “miracle plant“!

This conference, which is held annually, is an example of the interest for this plant, within the scientific community. The Green Sugar product is made in collaboration with Laboratoarele Remedia and has an exceptional quality – sweet as sugar but lacks the specific bitter taste of the Stevia products. In addition, it is a really healthy food, extracted from natural products, with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Green Sugar is a much healthier alternative compared to other sweeteners because the product is a combination of natural products: steviosides extracted from Stevia and erythritol, a non-caloric sugar obtained from the biological fermentation and some natural compounds of boron.

This combination gives it both the level of sweetness similar to that of sugar, but the most important thing is that it ensures the necessary daily antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. According to the intuition of the doctor, in the XXII century, people will not grow beet and sugar cane, but Stevia! There are clinical studies showing that erythritol and the Stevia extract are powerful antioxidant nutrients and the natural boron contained in the Stevia is highly anti-inflammatory.

In this conference, Mr. Scorei attended the session “Stevia in practice: Innovations & Technologies”. The Romanian presentation surprised by the novelty of introducing the concept of “World of Bor” in the already established concept of “World of Stevia”. The fact that, in Romania, the scientists were able to launch a new product from Stevia in the commercial world very quickly and a new concept of sugar, “green sugar” was considered a premiere. The product was tasted, it has received positive reviews and someone even joked, saying it is “probably sugar” because of its very similar taste!

After the presentation, there were some important questions related to the effects of the Green Sugar product on the cellular metabolism of protection against aging. Essentially, the question concerned the fact that, through the strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, Green Sugar could mean an excellent nutritional food for extending the life of individuals who consume it daily.

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