IMG_4776Laboratoarele Remedia 

Laboratoarele Remedia is an already well-known name in the Romanian pharmaceutical industry, being one of the leading domestic manufacturers of dietary supplements, based on quality ingredients.

Known as the promoter who brought on the Romanian market the natural supplements in the form of powder, slightly soluble in water, for their rapid assimilation by the body, Laboratoarele Remedia is the exclusive producer of Green Sugar, the new 100% natural sweetener, unique in Europe for its features.

In Laboratoarele Remedia, all the ingredients used to produce the supplements are from natural sources and are carefully analysed from the physico-chemical and microbiological point of view. The plant extracts are standardized according to the international pharmacopoeias and the workspace and procedures comply with the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The suppliers of Laboratoarele Remedia are renowned companies from Italy, Switzerland, Norway, and Spain.


Green Sugar – 0 calories, 0-glycaemic index!

GREEN SUGAR, the brand of Laboratoarele Remedia is registered in the European Union as a 100% natural product, with 0 calories and 0 glycaemic index, obtained only from two ingredients: the Stevia rebaudiana extract (obtained by scalding) and the erythritol (made from corn by fermentation with Moniella pollinis yeast). Unlike other sweeteners on the market, Green Sugar is the only natural sweet with stabilized taste, which does not change the taste of foods or drinks; it sweetens and can be used including for cakes that require thermal preparation.

Stabilized taste!

Unlike other sweeteners based on stevia, Green Sugar is the only one on the market whose taste was stabilized, which makes it not to change (with the specific bitterness of stevia) the taste of foods in which it is used, not even in the cooking process at high temperatures.

Thus, you can continue to prepare your favoured cakes and juices without fear of compromising the original taste, enjoying the flavour of childhood sweets, especially the lack of calories in them.

100% natural!

Green Sugar is a much healthier alternative compared to other sweeteners because the product is a combination of natural products: the Stevia extract and the erythritol, a non-caloric sugar obtained through biological fermentation.

This combination gives it both the degree of sweetness similar to sugar, but the most important thing is to ensure the necessary of daily antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. There are clinical studies showing that the erythritol and the stevia extract are powerful antioxidant nutrients.

IMG_4724Health benefits!

“Through the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, Green Sugar could mean an excellent nutritional food for extending the life of individuals which are daily consumers “, said Mr. Dr. Romulus Ioan Scorei, professor and researcher at the University of Craiova, researcher and founder of the Research Institute Bioboron. In essence, the effects of Green Sugar on cellular metabolism are those of protection against aging.

The Green Sugar consumption not only brings joy to your taste buds, but it has real benefits on the body, through the effects of the stevia extract:

  • maintains the balance of blood glucose;
  • stimulates the insulin secretion;
  • regulates the gastro intestinal mechanism;
  • stimulates the brain activity;
  • decreases the sugar cravings and the appetite;
  • regulates blood pressure;
  • decreases the need for smoking;
  • has antibacterial and antifungal action;
  • does not cause cavities;
  • does nt involve the risk of cancer of the synthetic sweeteners.


IMG_4750In addition, Green Sugar is not yeasty and it is recommended for people with diabetes, phenylketonuria, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. In the case of overweight people, the Stevia Rebaudiana extract creates a feeling of fullness, with a dual action on the hunger centre in the brain and in the nerve endings in the stomach! Therefore, it does not act negatively on the process of digestion.

On the consumer market where most foods are modified or contain preservatives harmful to the body, we should mention that Green Sugar is not composed of genetically modified ingredients and does not cause addiction by long-term administration.

The product is available in 5 forms of packaging: Green Sugar sticks (packages of 200, 100 and 50 pcs.), Green Sugar Cooking (1g bag), Green Sugar Cooking (350 gr jar), Green Sugar tablets, liquid Green Sugar. It can be purchased from pharmacies, health food shops, or directly from the manufacturer, by online order, on