1. Is Green Sugar a raw vegan product?
2. How can Green Sugar have 0 calories and produce a sensation of energy, if the energy is produced from the consumption of calories?
3. Does Green Sugar have the same sweetening power as sugar (powder, tablet, liquid)?
4. The pure white and fine grained appearance of Green Sugar reminds us of the chemical processes. Does this product have in its composition, chemical elements?
5. What does it mean that Green Sugar has a stabilized taste?
6. Can Green Sugar be used regardless of the amount, by people with diabetes?
7. Why is the price of the product however, higher compared to that of other sweeteners on the market?
8. Does Green Sugar produce addiction?
9. Can Green Sugar be used in dishes cooked at high temperatures?
10. Why choose Green Sugar over other sweeteners on the market?
11. Can Green Sugar be consumed by babies or pregnant women?
12. Can Green Sugar be used by people who want to lose weight?