Green sugar, a natural a healthy sweet!

And still, what would be like a healthy, natural sugar, which we could consume with no reserve? The Remedia Laboratories introduces on the Romanian market the Green Sugar product. It’s not a green sugar, as its name suggests. It is a natural sweetener extracted from Stevia rebaudiana. The sweet taste, similar to that of the sugar, with 0 glycaemic index and 0 calories renders it preferable for those who desire to lose weight, those who desire a healthy lifestyle and for those suffering from diabetes. …continue on http://margaretacismasiu.blogspot.ro



How we can make cakes in a healthy way!

One of these methods is replacing normal sugar with a similar product, but much better and which has ZERO calories and ZERO glycaemic index.
My mother is very content with it. She suffers from type II diabetes melli¬tus and chose a healthy diet, a diet which allowed her to loose many kilograms, from 150 to 86. One of the sacrifices she made was to renounce to sweets and make sweets less often than she used to, so the discovery of this product can only make her happy.…continue on http://saffronanddates.blogspot.ro




I received it, tested it, with curiosity and I wanted to tell you also: is hard to believe, but it really exists! A natural sweetener with zero calories and no glycaemic index manufactured by the Remedia Laboratories under the name of Green Sugar (green or bio sugar), is available for everyone (you can find HERE the product in all presentation forms). It is a 100% natural product, obtained from erythritol and Stevia Rebaudiana extract, a plant which originates from Paraguay and is named by the locals „caai-ehe” (sweet grass). …continue on http://www.sport-inclusive.com



Green Sugar sweetener, 0 calories, 0 glycaemic index

Fortunately, today we can eat sweets without calories from sugar, with the same level of sweetness, which don’t trigger diabetes or make you gain weight. Meaning a sweetener with a 0 glycaemic index (does not increase the glycaemia, and does not stresses the pancreas) and 0 calories. The producer of Green Sugar, a 100% natural sweetener, based on Stevia Rebaudiana extract, says that it is the only sweetener with an stabilised taste and which doesn’t have the bitter taste of stevia anymore, unlike other sweeteners – more or less natural.
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Green Sugar, natural sweet

Green Sugar is a 100% natural sweetener, with 0 calories and 0 glycaemic index, based on Stevia Rebaudiana leaf extract and erythritol obtained from corn, through the natural process of fermentation, in the presence of the Moniella pollinis yeast. Unlike other sweetener based on stevia, Green Sugar is the only one on the Romanian market whose taste was stabilised, which means it does not alter the taste of the food in which it is used, not even after the cooking process at high temperatures.
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As you probably know, these days, the sugar from food or the white cancer, as it is also known, is the number one enemy of our health. Willingly or not, we introduce it daily in our nourishment because the body cannot survive without carbohydrates, but aren’t really there any less toxic methods to satisfy our craving for sweet and to bring the necessary daily input of sugar into the body without causing internal damages? Well, yes, and it’s named green sugar… or more elegantly and modern Green Sugar!
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Cristina Plaian – 1st year of blogging

What is Green Sugar? It is a product manufacture by Remedia Laboratories and represents a natural sweetener from Stevia rebaudiana extract, with a sweetening power of up to 300 times greater than normal sugar, but with no calories. It can be used by persons suffering from diabetes and can be introduced in a healthy lifestyle. We wanted to convince ourselves by its power so we added Green Sugar in all coffees, teas and cakes in which we usually added normal sugar. It doesn’t change the taste at all and we don’t get fat. You know very well about our issue with diets, and this is why this sugar will never again be absent from house. …continue on http://cristinaplaian.ro



Green Sugar – At last, never ending sweetness, 100% natural, with 0 calories!

Not only I have recently discovered it, but it has already become a passion. And I don’t exaggerate!
As the wedding day gets closer, I have been struggling with the Dukan principles for some time now. Surely they were effective, but the diet, being restrictive concerning fruits in the first two phases, they intensified my craving for sweet which sometimes can be unbearable. And because it’s not recommended to give free way to a bridezilla with low glycaemia…I found the ideal solution. Green Sugar! …continue on http://madalinaroman.ro



The craving for sweet is in the past! Green Sugar is my ally!

Who doesn’t like sweets? I admit that i was addicted to them. I am a member of the generation who was accustomed during childhood with Neapolitan wafer, cookies, chocolate, at an age when this food should not have been included in our menu. But the times were like that, the children were raised like that. I didn’t die because of this but I know a lot of persons who got diabetes.
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Are you craving for sweet? Crave for Green Sugar…

Chocolate, cookies, cakes, bonbons, jams… when I am mad I crave for something sweet. It doesn’t matter what I desire, nor the quantity, but it must be sweet. We know very well that these sweets contain a large quantity of sugar and if you don’t know to refrain yourself from cravings you will suffer later. I kept trying to find a substitute for the sugar in my daily nourishment but I did not find something to completely please me. Until one day when Mădălina (a good friend) recommended me Green Sugar. …continue on http://aguritza.blogspot.com




Let’s begin with the beginning. Green Sugar is the first natural sweetener, obtained from Stevia Rebaudiana extract, introduced on the Romanian market by Remedia Laboratories. With zero calories and zero glycaemic index, Green Sugar demonstrates that the culinary pleasures must not be drastically changed throughout life, not even in the case of the persons who suffer from diabetes or obesity, because these sweets prepared with this 100% natural sweet don’t lose their flavour, but only the number of calories.
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green sugar1

A healthy sweet – Green Sugar

I tried first Green Sugar in the coffee from cereals and chicory (Solaris), my alternative for the moment when I have a craving for a hot beverage, with a taste similar to coffee and a slight taste or caramel. I was glad to find out that these new sweetener did not change its taste at all.
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Green Sugar – the sweet of health

I never admitted but I always told to myself: “Leave the sweets, Alina! Stop! Don’t put so much sugar in the coffee! Leave the sugar, ignore it, buy yourself a sweetener”. But I was horrified only by the idea of taking a synthetic product. And because I want to lose weight and adopt a healthy diet from now on, I chose Green Sugar exactly because it is a 100% natural sweetener, with zero calories and zero glycaemic index.
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