The only 100% natural sweetener with 0 calories and 0 glycaemic index, which doesn’t change the taste of coffee, tea or your preferred drinks, be them alcoholic or not. The Green Sugar stick was created especially to be handy and easy to use, to help you sweeten your drinks. The quantity of a sachet is considered sufficient to sweeten a cupful of liquid (lemonade, coffee, and tea), for a sweet- intense taste, and it is recommended to use two sachets.
Green Sugar doesn’t change the taste or aroma of the drinks it sweetens, as is the case with other stevia-based sweeteners, becoming the sweetener of preference of ever more consumers interested in keeping their figure or losing weight, or having a healthy lifestyle, and especially for those consumers suffering from diabetes or other diseases that forbid the use of sugar.
You can keep Green Sugar sticks in your purse or pocket at all times, so that enjoying any coffee or tea, regardless of the time, becomes a pleasure. Green Sugar is the only 100% natural sweetener with a stabilized taste, which can sweeten products regardless of their temperature, without changing the taste.

Erylite Stevia (mixture of erythritol – 98% with Rebaudioside A – extract from Stevia Rebaudiana – min.2%) – 1250mg.

Same as sugar, it is recommended to sweeten drinks (lemonade, tea, coffee), alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, shakes, smoothies or other drinks based on dairy products, fruit salads, etc.