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Apricot jam with Green Sugar
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Apricot jam with Green Sugar
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Nutritional values (100gr)
  1. We choose very ripe apricots, they will be sweeter and more fragrant and they will ensure the success of jam. Then we wash them and cut them in half and remove the kernels. We put the apricots in a bowl, preferably one with a thick bottom so the jam does not stick, and add the sweetener.
  2. We boil it a few times, we stir occasionally and add the foam that forms. When the apricots are well boiled we introduce the vertical mixer and squash the composition. We boil it once or twice.
  3. We pour the hot jam into clean jars, sterilized in advance. We screw on the caps and then put them upside down until they cool down, to prevent air form entering them. From the quantities given I got two jars of 400 gr each.
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