It is known that I am a natural products adept, that I pay great attention to my lifestyle based on healthy eating habits and much sports ... What is not known, however, is that my help in maintaining the silhouette is .... Green Sugar! Since I discovered it I use it including in the fruit salad! I highly recommend it to all who want to live healthy and naturally! Green Sugar accompanies me everywhere!


Rendez-vous: I, in the female leading role, Meda Victor! In the male leading role, Green Sugar! I, the skeptic! It, master of the situation! Meeting it made me realize that the taste of coffee or tea - which I am simply in love with - does not change; on the contrary, the aroma becomes stronger! It didn’t disappoint me and ever since that time we go out together all the time!
I recommend to you too to use Green Sugar, anytime, anywhere!


It is a privilege to be the judge of the barista national competitions each year. I indulge myself with all the tastes and the many flavors, but I also formally appreciate the preparations based on coffee, I write them down, and then I give them feedback. I try to imagine how I did it before ... in any simple coffee or with milk. I added sugar and my friends, knowing that tasting is without sugar, they always asked me for advice for the best coffee ... but it had to be with sugar 🙂

Sensory Judge - Romanian Barista Competition

I discovered Green Sugar at an event I attended more than a year ago. The concept of *natural sweet* made me curious and I tried it that evening, sweetening my cinnamon tea ... since then it has always been present in my life ... and notice to vocalists: ginger tea sweetened with Green Sugar does wonders!

No Stress Band vocalist

The long awaited help! Since I can remember, I eat sweets and I love to bake cakes, but I did not always solve the problem with sugar. For tea and coffee I had a solution - honey - but I had to give up desserts. Since I started consuming Green Sugar, everything is much simpler: I returned to the habit of eating sweets ... naturally sweetened! For me Green Sugar is the real natural sweet.

Artist, Singer

My years and my youth, the optimism and the confidence in a better and healthier life, are due to this wonderful product GREEN SUGAR!
I shook hands with a product which is now constantly part of my diet, GREEN SUGAR !!! I am healthy, happy and full of life !!! My body is and will be envied! Try it yourself!
Happy Holidays with Green Sugar!

Folk Singer

The major problem the modern man is facing is the loss of the naturalness. One can find it by feeding of nature and art. Green Sugar is the natural sweetener who can help you find yourself in what you want to be. For me, Green Sugar means inspiration.

Musician and composer

I never wanted to give up sugar. Yet meeting with Green Sugar was seductive. In all forms even (liquid or crystals). I expected it to change the taste of coffee - sacrilege to which I would not be given any extra second of our meeting. It convinced me. I like it! We stick together.


A good day starts with a coffee just as good. I chose Green Sugar, the natural sweetener for a balanced sweetening of the coffee. Many of us choose to drink the coffee without sugar, being careful not to get fat. But with Green Sugar you can drink sweetened coffee as much as you want without worrying that you'll gain weight. Choose Green Sugar for coffee sweetened and flavored mornings.

Bucharest, March 2013

What do children like the most ? Sweeeets ... Well, Mr. Sweet is not necessarily always healthy so every time I have to give children by rations. But now Mr. Green Sugar came into our lives. It is a superhero that can be eaten by children whenever, in any amount and anyway. Me, an older child, every morning I "steal" one sachet of Green Sugar and I eat it quickly. It's the most sugar sugar (so the kids say) !!!

Puppeteer actor, TV producer

Green Sugar is my revelation in the kitchen. I strictly respect the nutritionists’ advices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but the temptation of sweetness was a problem, in my case, being a lover of cakes. Green Sugar solved this dilemma: I replaced sugar with the miracle sweetener without feeling any difference in taste. The difference was felt on the scale.

"I expected a miracle for so long! Sugar crystals, bright, elegant, attractive and with a great taste and.... 0 calories. I put it on my tongue and ... I liked it a lot. I put it in the coffee and ... I enjoyed the coffee and the unaltered taste of the coffee. I put in the tea and ... I drank without remorse or regret. And it is also green, which means healthy. What could we want more?"

"George Enescu" Philharmonic, Bucharest

"Green Sugar is my secret pleasure. A coffee, two, one tea, one cake, all are part of our lives and most of the time, we girls worry that sugar is deposited there where we do not want it to be. The product Green Sugar is that almost unique product that you can use at ease that it won’t do you any harm; moreover, it is healthy for your body. It is not fattening and very important, it does not raise the acidity in the body. I think nowadays when information is available to everyone; we have no excuse to say that we do not know how to eat healthy. And because beauty needs health, replace sugar with Green Sugar."

Public Speaker and Life Coach, Psychologist with 20 years of experience in the field of communication, producer of the show "Adriana’s Evenings" at FX Net Radio.

Green Sugar – The Secret of Good Taste!
A customary product in the kitchen of the La Cave of Bucharest restaurant and one of the ingredients of the desserts we prepare here. The Green Sugar cookies not only have they their loyal customers, but every time, they do new conquests. The idea that you can enjoy a delicious cake, whose taste is identical to that of cakes prepared with sugar, but with a few hundred calories less, becomes on the spot, the joy of our customers. And this is, in fact, the purpose of the La Cave Restaurant!

La Cave de Bucharest Restaurant Manager