Called by nutritionists „the revelation of the non-fattening sweet”, Green Sugar Cooking proved numerous times that it is the only 100% natural sweetener on the market which can be cooked or baked – ranging from oven-baked cakes at up to 200 degrees Celsius (dough, cakes, pastry, cream), to ice creams, fruit salads or drinks – without changing the taste of the products.

This sweetener is stable when baked, boiled or frozen, and it doesn’t ferment. It sweetens as sugar, but it has no calories and 0-glycaemic index, which protects the body from the negative effects of sugar intake.

Green Sugar Cooking 2kg is ideal for cake baking, but also for preparing sauces and foods that require sugar, obtaining a wonderful taste every time. The sweetener keeps the exact taste of your recipes, which you probably know from your childhood, but it will definitely eliminate the guilt of consuming hyper-caloric foods, to the detriment of your health and figure.

Dry extract from Stevia rebaudiana leaves, erythritol.


Same as sugar, it is used in recipes for cakes, cookies, pastry, compotes, preserves, ice creams, or to sweeten drinks (lemonade, tea, coffee), dairy products, fruit salads.